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The Black Studies Open University

Inspired by a resurgence of book clubs and reading groups, as well as social media-circulated syllabi related to contemporary crises (e.g. #FergusonSyllabus), The Black Studies Open University will offer a one credit course open to the public whose syllabus will be generated from the work of the Abolition Democracy Fellows Program and the Global Black Feminisms Summer Lab. We take seriously our location in a public institution and thus the aim of this program is to concretize our commitment to Black Studies as a public good.

Taking its name from the Open University (UK), spearheaded by Stuart Hall whose work provides an example of the pinnacle of intellectual pursuits performed for the public and in the public interest, this component of the collaboratory is also inspired by the legacy of community-campus pedagogical partnerships like the Afro American Association reading group of the 1960s and the undergraduate-led Democratic Education at Cal (DECal) courses.

Sadie Barnette: Power
Powdered graphite on paper
Image courtesy the artist and Jessica Silverman