Black Healing Portal I: Transpoetic Artistic Experience, Surviving Futuristic Spirituality

When: April 20th, 2022 5:00pm – 9:00pm Location: Critical Resistance @ 4400 Telegraph Ave, Oakland The Black Healing Portal (BHP) / Portal Negro de SanaciĆ³n is an interdisciplinary, multidimensional performance and community offering that shatters coloniality. Curated and dreamed up by the miraculous Krudxs Cubensi, unapologetic life-giving game-changers. BHP is resiliencia transformativa, es una combinaciĆ³n espacio, tiempo en clave tropical. It is a collaboration that centers the lives and artistic work of Afro Caribbean and Latin American self-created transfeminist warriors. Queer afrodiasporiques en movimiento. Authenticity from radical self-representation. The Black Healing Portal will take participants, Goddess and Spirits on a